Core Pattern: Controller–Avoider (Audio CD)


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Product Description

This CD provides an in-depth look at Controller-Avoider Attachment Core Patterns. It includes a downloadable PDF, which includes a graph of this Core Pattern and all applicable interventions.

The Controller is often attracted to the even mood and low level of reactivity in the Avoider. Initially, the Avoider may enjoy someone who takes charge and makes decisions but over time Avoiders will view the Controller’ “take charge” manner as intrusive and irritating rather than protective and caring. The Avoider’s distancing and evasive maneuvers will make the Controller feel like they cannot monitor the situation. The Controller survived childhood by keeping alert, watchful and monitoring the mood and behavior of others. Now we have two people triggering one another and the frustrating reactive cycle repeats.

If you are interested in the complete series, this CD is also included as part of the Attachment Core Pattern Therapy – Complete Series set.

This CD is also available as an audio download!