How We Love Our Kids Seminar (CD)

How We Love Our Kids Seminar (6 Hour Audio CD)


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Product Description

Want a closer connection with your kids, but feel like you’re hitting a roadblock? Discover how your love style can help – or hinder – your relationship!

Parenting is hard, and we all know our kids weren’t born with an instruction manual. In this audio workshop, Kay and Milan Yerkovich continue exploring the powerful tool of attachment theory introduced in “How We Love” and discover the unseen forces that influence every interaction you have with your kids.

The “How We Love Our Kids” Seminar includes content beyond the book, revealing the underlying reasons behind your children’s behavior and equipping you with the tools to teach them how to build healthy and stable relationships for the rest of their lives. Enjoy this CD series in the car, while walking, or anywhere

This package includes 9 sessions:

Session 1:  What Determines How We Parent?
Session 2:  The Early Years:  Building the Brain for Relationships
Session 3:  The Avoider Parent and the Pleaser Parent.
Session 4:  The Vacillator Parent and the Controller/ Victim Parent
Session 5:  Helping Our Children Move Toward Secure Attachment.
Session 6:  Helping Your Vacillator, Controller or Victim Child and The Introverted Child
Session 7: Blended Families, The Highly Sensitive Child, The Free-Spirited Child and The Determined Child
Session 8:  Live Couple’s Therapy: Discovering your buttons and why you react to certain traits in your kids
Session 9:  Extended Listening

Now includes a free download of the How We Love Our Kids Syllabus and Group Discussion Questions!

This product includes the following downloads...

  • HWLOK-SYLLABUS-2015.pdf
  • HWLOK-GROUP-CURRICULUM-discussion-questions-2015-JK.pdf